Modular Room Design VARIOP®

Modular Room Design VARIOP® is an assembly-disassembly modular system of wall and ceiling elements. The modular system is the unique combination of functionality, design and efficiency, specially designed to meet the technical and conceptual requirements in hospitals. The system is practice-proven at 5,000 locations worldwide.

The powder-coated wall and ceiling elements can adapt to the most varied building conditions. Variop is also the optimal solution for rooms such as sterile goods storage, central sterilization and the corridors leading to operating rooms and intensive care units. The fully-integrated system meets the very highest hygienic standards needed here.

The VARIOP® modular system adapts to all spatial conditions and is suitable for new buildings as well as modification and expansion projects. The VARIOP® modular system offers the following advantages: short construction times, the very highest degree of flexibility and a secured investment, which contribute sustainably to the profitability and efficiency of hospitals.

A wide range of medical equipment can be installed in the wall elements, resulting in smooth and uniform wall surfaces, which ensure the highest standards of hygiene. The system is compatible with an array of medical equipment and devices, which can be installed in the wall elements, such as: cabinets, monitors, negatoscopes, loudspeakers, computers, all types of electrical and multimedia installations, medical-gas supplies, ventilation systems, control panels, etc. The system also comprises wall and door glass elements including blinds or glass elements with light effects.

The modular system is composed of:

  • Wall elements - including doors, glass and equipment
  • Ceiling elements - including lighting or glass elements
  • The wall constructions system and the substructure for equipment

The VARIOP® system is the optimal solution for uniform construction of clean rooms in line with the highest hygienic standards applicable to operating rooms, intensive care units and other sterile environments. Wall and ceiling elements are sealed down to the substructure so that the required pressure conditions can be realized. Smooth powder coating ensures high hygiene standards. The wall elements are resistant to all hospital-approved cleaning agents and disinfectants. The modular structure offers planners and architects full freedom in planning. The wall elements are mounted on a 1,200 mm grid.

The system offers maximum flexibility, since operating rooms can be easily rearranged with minimum construction effort so as to be adapted to the latest technology requirements.
VARIOP fully meets all construction requirements in terms of fire, radiation and sound insulation. The easy assembly and disassembly of individual elements allows quick access to medical gases, electrical and multimedia installations. Changes in the upper and lower wall elements can be made without having to disconnect electricity and gases.

Wall and glass elements can be supplied in various colour and motif combinations.


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