Our company

Medicoengineering is a renowned Slovenian company with a long-standing tradition of cooperation with hospitals and medical experts. The company started operating over 40 years ago as part of the University Clinical Centre of Ljubljana.

The company has passed a security-clearance procedure and therefore is authorised to participate in confidential projects for the Ministry of Defence and NATO.

Today we offer our customers:

  • Planning and technology solutions for upgrading or building hospitals and other health-care facilities.
  • Planning execution: scheme designs, construction plans and construction documents (building permits etc).
  • Design solutions for building or reconstructing hospitals or other health-care facilities.
  • Support in optimising hospital rooms and hospital layouts in line with standards.
  • Knowledge of medical equipment and technology
  • Preparation of technological solutions for larger projects
  • Turn-key principle projects
  • Modular design of ORs, ICUs and other hospital rooms with demanding layouts and/or requirements.
  • Execution of construction works and FF&E in building or re-construction of existing hospital premises.
  • Planning and installation of medical-gas fixtures
  • Supply of medical equipment made by renowned manufacturers
  • Supply and installation of medical equipment
  • After-sales services for medical equipment
  • Presentation of medical equipment sold by our company
  • Safety tests for medical equipment
  • Hospital and patient-data solutions


For many years of existence, we have successfully cooperated with important institutions.