Ceiling supply units

A vast array of space-saving products for OR, endoscopy rooms, diagnostic rooms, intensive care units of therapy rooms, used for hosting power or medical gas outlets and connections for anaesthesia, surgical instruments, endoscopy devices.

The units are mounted on ceilings, thus freeing up space on the ground: No more cables on the floor, easier cleaning, as well as safer and improved use of equipment for the benefit of the personnel and of patients.

The equipment can be conveniently and precisely positioned at any point, as the arms of supply units vary in length and are movable in all directions. Freely combined in single or duo configurations, the range fits any room size and offers an efficient space management.

The modular concept allows the positioning of the outlets and accessories in a very flexible way on all the panels of the supply heads. A wide range of supply heads of different sizes can host various types of outlets and connections (electricity, computer network, audio/video links, multimedia connections and medical gases).

Equipment is hosted on shelves on the arms. The number and size of shelves are customisable. A large number of accessories can be mounted on the arms (arms for monitors, IV equipment, as well as rails on shelves or arms).

Additional, satellite arms can be added to host more equipment (examination or OR lights, monitors, transportable or mobile IV systems).

Arm movement is controlled via brake-release buttons.

  • Ceiling-mounted horizontally movable arms of different lengths (single or double arm configuration).
  • Ceiling-mounted, horizontally movable motorized arms, adjustable in height.
  • Ceiling-mounted docking and lifting system for anaesthesia machines or endoscopic columns.
  • Ceiling-mounted arm with fixed docking station.
  • Automatic movable IV system (vertical arm for stretchers or transporters) to be used in patient transfers.


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