Electrosurgical technology

German manufacturer Erbe's electrosurgical units are a compulsory piece of equipment of every operating room or specialised clinic. The Erbe electrosurgical units meet the highest standards in the industry.

Instruments and accessories:

  • Monopolar electrodes
  • Electrosurgical pencils
  • Return electrodes
  • Bipolar instruments
  • Bipolar forceps
  • Connecting cables
  • Adapters
  • BiClamp and BiClamp LAP forceps
  • BiCision



Is yet another of our milestones in technology following VIO 300/200. Take advantage of the progress that you and your patients can now leverage using VIO 3.


  • Logical, convenient and visual operator guidance (stepGUIDE)
  • Reliable, reproducible tissue effects thanks to state-of-the-art processor technology
  • ReMode: up to 6 different settings selectable from the sterile field
  • Sockets: easy replacement, connection recommendations, slot assignment, up to 6 instruments freely selectable

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APC applicator

All functions in one hand. The APCapplicator is a multimodality electrosurgical instrument. In addition to “standard” non-contact argon plasma coagulation, other electrosurgical options are integrated into the handpiece: traditional cutting and coagulation with spatula or needle electrode or argon-assisted modalities as desired. The APCapplicator will convince you too – like virtually all users from a wide range of specialities.


  • Convenient activation of all functions with one hand
  • Light-weight practical handle with excellent haptics
  • ReMode function: users can switch between programs in succession from the operating table
  • Instrument detection: insert the APCapplicator and start working (plug and operate)
  • Sterile single-use product: immediate OR availability, no reprocessing effort required
  • Gas filter is integrated into the connection plug

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For biopsies, recanalization and devitalization in bronchoscopy.

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Thermofusion and dissection with the π benefit.


  • Larger thermofusion zone
  • Precise dissection exactly in the center
  • Homogenous, smooth cut
  • Rapid cooling of the jaws
  • Optimal preparation characteristics
  • Pi benefit: The bowl shaped jaw creates a wider fusion zone than any other instrument with a 5 mm shaft. This makes for additional safety.

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