ECMO systems

For many years now, MAQUET Cardiovascular has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heart-lung machines and components for extracorporeal circulation. Together with experienced doctors and perfusionists, MAQUET has developed CARDIOHELP System, a comprehensive life-saving system, which can be deployed quickly for a wide range of indications – in the fields of intensive care, emergency medicine, cardiology and cardiac surgery. As a compact and portable system, CARDIOHELP System is ideal for the treatment of patients who require respiratory and /or circulatory support while being transported.

Features of the CARDIOHELP System:

  • Transportable: The compact and light system is certified for transport by helicopter, airplane or ambulance car. The device can be connected to the main power supply or to the electrical system on a helicopter or ground transport vehicle. In addition, the integrated lithium-ion batteries guarantee 90 minutes of independent operation.
  • It is the only product in the market with a 30-day CE certification for all of its components. All the parts of the system are BIOLINE coated tip-to-tip.
  • Versatile: Covers an exceptionally wide range of applications - heart/lung support, CO2 removal, suitable for PTCA, transport of critical patients, etc.

Scope of use:

  • Intensive care units: The product offers new treatment opportunities in intensive care in cases of respiratory failure, as it supplies oxygen and removes CO2. It is suitable for the following diagnoses: ARDS, septic shock, pulmonary embolism.
  • Cardiology: It offers circulation support in cardiogenic shock or infarction. In such cases, support must be ensured as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to vital organs. The CARDIOHELP system prevents damage caused by local lack of oxygen.


  • Cardiogenic shock: Prophylactic stabilization of patients undergoing high-risk PCI, or as a bridging system in cases of myocarditis.
  • Heart surgery: Thanks to its compact size and complete portability, the system may also be used during heart surgery. While still under extra-corporeal blood circulation, patients may undergo further examinations (CT).
  • Pre- and post-surgical heart/lung support as a bridging system.
  • Emergency procedures: Weighing about 10 kg the CARDIOHELP life support system can be comfortably carried by the handle. The system is therefore suitable in situation, where heart/lung stabilization is needed in rescue operations, as well as in cases of anaphylactic shock, poisoning, hypothermia or drowning.

The CARDIOHELP system features unique disposables - an HLS Set, composed of HLS Cannulae and HLS Modules. The HLS Module is a unique product in the global market, as it comprises an integrated artificial lung for gas exchange and a special VAD centrifugal pump. The module also includes integrated sensors for measuring venous oxygen saturation, haemoglobin, haematocrit and arterial blood temperature. Previously, this was only possible using an external blood gas analyzer or an in-line sensor. HLS CANNULAE: The new specially developed HLS Cannulae can be inserted percutaneously or surgically. Cannula bodies are made of biocompatible polyurethane and have BIOLINE coating (heparin-albumin). Available in several outside diameters (from 15 to 29 Fr.) and lengths (from 15 to 55 cm). They can be used for up to 30 days.


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