The Servo-i platform can be customized to meet the needs of neonatal, paediatrics, adults or all patient categories. Although initially designed to be used in intensive care units, it can also be used as a transport ventilator inside hospitals or between hospitals in an ambulance car or an airplane. Servo-i ventilators are upgradable: software options and add-on modules add functionality to ensure any treatment requirements can be met.

A unique feature of Maquet's Servo-i is NAVA - Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist - a special type of ventilation, by which the electrical activity of the diaphragm (EDI) is captured, fed to the ventilator and used to assist the patient’s breathing in synchrony with and in proportion to the patient’s own efforts, regardless of patient category or size. As the work of the ventilator and the diaphragm is controlled by the same signal, coupling between the diaphragm and the SERVO-i ventilator is synchronized simultaneously.


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